Jill Christy

Jill is the instructor for the Silver/Gold and Add-On Classes each Monday. Jill first started teaching for the Dayton Ballroom Dance Club in 1983. She's been ballroom dancing since she was 18. That year she went into the local Fred Astaire Studio and applied to be trained as an instructor. She fell in love with it right away and three months later she was ready to teach, and has been teaching for 35 years. She's now a certified Bronze, Silver and Gold instructor. She has competed for five years and was once the Ohio State Champion, other notable awards to her credit she is a Country Dance Professional and is a UCWDC World Champion. For ten years she ran a dance studio in Dayton with Larry May.

Michael Hartman

Michael is the instructor for the Bronze II class. Michael started teaching dance in college in 1988 and turned pro in 1990. He holds multiple certifications from both the Fred Astaire and the Arthur Murray schools of dance, and has put his knowledge into practice as well, competing for and winning multiple championships in both smooth and rhythm categories, and retiring on a gold medal from Can-American championships open rhythm division. He has also successfully taught and competed with different types of handicapped individuals in open division competitions. Michael enjoys teaching all dances and dancers, and hopes to see you in his class soon.

Doug Shafner

Doug is the instructor for the Bronze I class. Doug started dancing in the mid-1970's when Disco was all the rage. He began learning ballroom at the YWCA and Gilmore's. In 1991 he and his wife opened a new studio called Tanya's School of Dance at 2100 Diller Rd Lima, OH 45807. Between Debbie Dr and N Cable Rd. He still teaches both private and group lessons there. He is certified to teach American style Bronze and Silver ballroom dancing.

Jessie Gregorio

Jessie teaches the Basic class for those new to partner dancing.Jessie Gregorio, a former student at DBDC in the pre-COVID times. Jessie started dancing at the age of 11 in Los Angeles CA, competing in the Emerald Ball as an amateur representative of Fred Astaire Studios. He taught dance for a year at A Touch of Rhythm in Redondo Beach CA before joining the USAF. Since retiring from the Air Force four years ago, he has returned to his first love and resumed teaching dance at Always Ballroom and VK Ballroom studios in the Dayton area. Jessie has already made an impact at DBDC, as his Basic dance class has been the largest class over the past several weeks.